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Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance saves you time and money. Keeping your mechanical systems in factory spec condition makes them last longer, work more efficiently and require less downtime to repair. LMC Service Solutions offers a complete range of maintenance programs.

Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance Program provides the factory-recommended maintenance plus any specialized work that may be necessary to keep the equipment and systems operating at factory specifications.

Full Service

This comprehensive maintenance and repair program includes the recommended maintenance plus specified repairs, should they be needed. This program is designed to eliminate the need for maintenance staff on-site, as well as offer a way to budget annual operating costs for mechanical equipment and systems.

Filter Change

Keeping filters clean helps equipment run more efficiently and effectively. LMC conducts periodic filter changes on any air handling or rooftop unit. Filter Change programs are customized, depending on the frequency of changes and the number of units served.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties are offered at the completion of projects to provide several years of extended service.

About LMC Service Solutions We provide smart solutions to keep mechanical systems operating to factory specifications.
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