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LMC Service Solutions is the result of decades of service experience and trying to determine the best solutions for the kinds of real world problems that facility managers and building owners face everyday. We know that we can’t be everything to every one so we decided to focus on providing service to a very specialized type of customer. Our main focus is toward the institutional customer and to manufacturers and manufacturers rep firms. While these accounts are our main focus we will continue to offer good service to our traditional accounts.

Our goal in providing service is to insure that equipment is operating within factory specifications or “factory spec” as we often call it. Working with manufacturers and rep firms we must attend factory training seminars and classes to learn how to do new job startups as well as how to maintain and service their equipment long after it’s been started up for the first time. Our techs continually receive factory training from a number of the largest manufacturers as well as specialized training in-house on a regular basis. We receive regular factory technical updates and techs often go back for more training and for review so they can stay sharp on the equipment we service.

We are also part of the Unified Group which is made up of about fifty of the top contractors in the nation working together to provide service for national accounts and to help each other by providing skill sets for specific jobs as needed. The Unified Group has been a great resource for training with members creating the training criteria and providing the instructors in specific areas. We can combine factory schools with real world hands on training because we design the classes ourselves.

The Unified Group is also a huge asset in service back up because our members include the best of the best service contractors throughout the entire country. We share the technical resources of each member and have an email link to each other for technical solutions as well as design, products and purchasing advantages. As a group we receive discounts from national manufactures and vendors, which are passed on, to our customers. As a group, the Unified Group represents well over a billion dollars in annual sales of HVAC service and equipment so we are a large factor in the commercial market.

The Unified Group

About LMC Service Solutions We provide smart solutions to keep mechanical systems operating to factory specifications.
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