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Equipment Replacement

LMC Service Solutions can replace any heating, cooling, exhaust, make up air or air cleaning equipment. Replacement presents special challenges. LMC technicians are experts at performing equipment change-outs, which must be completed quickly, usually while the building is in use. LMC is the authorized service representative for most popular brands, so we are able to handle startups at the same time as installation. We have the equipment and the trained technicians to keep the facilities functional and our customers comfortable while the replacement is being completed.

Leasing Equipment

Itís not uncommon to find that replacing a piece of HVAC equipment may be the best solution when major repairs or high operating costs are considered. The problem is that many businesses just donít have the money to invest in new equipment lying around. Unplanned capital expenses can be tricky to deal with and especially when itís for something like heating or cooling equipment that just has to be done. There are usually more projects than available capital to fund them. In that case, the products and services that are the best solution may not be the ones chosen. Even when funds are available, working capital is best used in your company for inventories, receivables and operating expenses necessary to grow your business in the short term and not tied up in building infrastructure, renovation projects, capital equipment and other depreciating assets. What most fortune 100 companies have learned is to use someone elseís money to fund these investments.

To help solve these problems we have teamed with several good sources for leasing so businesses can afford to get the new equipment rather than pouring money into an old system that will just have to be replaced anyway. Leasing offers a fast way to get the new equipment and it can be wrapped up with a package that can include extended warranties for the entire term of the lease. By including extended warranties with the new unit all costs of owning the unit except normal PM maintenance can be planned over the life of the lease. At the end of the lease the buyout can be as little as one dollar. Leases normally run anywhere from 24 to 84 months depending on the amount and the term required by the owner.

We make leasing as easy as possible and as quick as possible so that when you have an emergency we can get your lease approved and your new equipment coming within just a day or two. If you think that leasing would make sense for your company talk to your LMC representative and let them take care of everything for you. Leasing can also include other; non-HVAC items or repairs as long as we have part of the lease for our equipment.

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